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Adult Carers

Current Services

Please see below a list of our current services.  We are in a process of transition and will be developing more services to enable carers to build resilience and be better equipped to undertake their caring role:

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Stressbusting Service

We know that a carers’ own health is twice as likely to suffer as a result of the stresses of caring, particularly if the caring role is long term. This is one of the reasons why Carers Bromley offers a complementary therapy Stressbusting Service.

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Bromley Dementia Support Hub

Bromley Dementia Support Hub is offering family carers and friends of people living with a diagnosed dementia an opportunity to attend a series of workshops to enhance their knowledge of Dementia and to find out about the help and support available in the community.  Please download a booking form here.

Please click here to access information for carers provided by the Bromley Dementia Support Hub.


Carers Card

If a carer has an accident away from home and they are carrying a Carers Card, it will alert the emergency services that the carer is looking after someone who depends on them and who to contact.

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