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Adult Carers

Stressbusting Service

We know that a carers’ own health is twice as likely to suffer as a result of the stresses of caring, particularly if the caring role is long term. This is one of the reasons why Carers Bromley offers a complementary therapy Stressbusting Service.

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Carers Support Advisers


A large part of a Carers Support Adviser's role is to provide emotional support to carers. Talking to someone who understands the difficulties of caring for a family member or close friend can be of enormous help and relief to carers.

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Bromley Dementia Support Hub

Bromley Dementia Support Hub is offering family carers and friends of people living with a diagnosed dementia an opportunity to attend a series of four workshops to enhance their knowledge of Dementia and to find out about the help and support available in the community.

Please click here to access information for carers provided by the Bromley Dementia Support Hub.

Carers Card

If a carer has an accident away from home and they are carrying a Carers Card, it will alert the emergency services that the carer is looking after someone who depends on them and who to contact.

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