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Skype Support is now available to carers in Bromley

Carers Bromley offers carers the chance to “meet” with a member of their staff via Skype. Skype is a FREE software application that allows users to make voice and video calls and chats over the Internet.
There are many benefits to using this method of supporting carers.
It ensures that we are able to offer an equitable and inclusive service to you regardless of your social, economic, personal situation or age.

Skype support could be offered when:
• You are unable to meet with a staff member face-to-face
• You may be unwell, but still wish to receive support
• You work or have other commitments
• If you live out of borough

How do I get it and how does it work?
You download the free Skype software to your computer and then use the internet to connect to another person who also has Skype. It works for voice and video, provided both computers have fast enough connections.

So the person I’m calling needs a computer too?
No, you can also download the FREE Skype app to your android, ipad or iphone which will also give you unlimited free calls using

So, how do I get it?
Simply visit

To make an appointment to meet with your Carers Support Adviser, please call them direct. For all other staff, please call the Carers Helpline 0800 015 7700.

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