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What is a carer’s assessment? A carer’s assessment is for adult carers of adults (over 18 years) who are disabled, ill or elderly. It is an opportunity to discuss with your local council what support or services you need and how caring affects your life.

Who can have a carer’s assessment? Any carer who appears to have needs for support should be offered an assessment by social services.

As a carer you are entitled to an assessment:
•    regardless of the amount or type of care you provide
•    regardless of your financial means or your level of need
•    whether or not the person you care for has had a community care assessment/needs assessment
•    whether or not the council have decided the person you care for is eligible for support
•    if you are sharing caring responsibilities with another
•    regardless of whether you are living with the person you care for or not
•    are not caring full-time.

If you and the person you care for agree, a combined assessment of both your needs can be undertaken at the same time.

Carer’s assessments may help you:
•    maintain your own health
•    balance caring with your work and family life
•    access respite care
•    get help at home
•    find emotional support.

How do you prepare for a carer’s assessment? it is useful to give yourself some time to think about how caring affects you and about what help would make a difference to you. This will help when you discuss things that social services have to consider when doing a carer’s assessment. Social services must give you information about the assessment in advance – for example a list of the questions they will ask.

Where will the assessment take place? Assessments should be carried out in a convenient and private place, usually at your home or at a council office. They can also be done over the phone or online, but this should only happen if you agree. You may also be offered a supported self-assessment. This could involve you filling in a self- assessment questionnaire, and then being contacted by the council to discuss what you have written on the form.

The assessment should cover:
•    Your caring role, how it affects your life and wellbeing
•    your health – physical, mental and emotional issues
•    your feelings and choices about caring
•    work, study, training, leisure
•    relationships, social activities and your goals
•    housing
•    and planning for emergencies.

To request a carers assessment, please contact the London Borough of Bromley on 0208 461 7777.

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