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Carers Bromley will only collect, process and store information we have openly collected from you or with your consent, in accordance with data protection laws.

Your details will be held only by Carers Bromley and will not be made available to any third party, except where otherwise stated. For example, when you are using our secure online donation pages you are going through to our partner companies such as Virgin Money Giving and it is clear on the donation page when this happens.  The other exception is in relation to protection procedures where safety is of paramount concern and must override the confidentiality of all information pertinent to protection.


If you send information to Carers Bromley via email, please be aware that Carers Bromley cannot guarantee its security during transit. Once received, email information will be stored according to data protection law.


Cookies are used in some areas of the Carers Bromley website to identify your computer to our server. A cookie will record the areas visited by the computer in question and for how long. We use this information in an aggregate, rather than individual, way to monitor traffic trends and plan development of the website.

If you are concerned about cookies you can change the settings on your computer to refuse them. However, this may mean some sections of the site will not work properly.

For information on how to turn off cookies
- if you are using a version of Internet Explorer visit
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