Carers Bromley Services Information Guide

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Carers Bromley Leaflet

Do you look after a friend or relative who needs your help?  Do you give that help without payment?  If so  .... You are a Carer.  Please click on the icon below to view our leaflet which includes the services offered by Carers Bromley.

Carers Bromley Leaflet


Newsletter - Concerning Carers

These are our newsletters, produced six times a year, which give news about Carers Bromley's activities and provides information for carers.

November/December 2014

September/October 2014

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Carers Breaks, Sitting Service and Stressbusting

There are a number of services available to carers, providing you with breaks from caring, a sitting service or you could try out one of the subsidised stressbusting treatments available to you......

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Sitting Service

Do you look after someone? Do you need time to go shopping, have your hair done, or to simply have a break – and have peace of mind that the person you care for is being safely looked after at home?

If so, then please click the icon on the right to view our sitting leaflet.


Back care information

Do you suffer from backache or back pain? Do you look after someone who needs physical assistance?

Carers Bromley has a Back Care Adviser who can help you find the safest way of assisting someone whose mobility is restricted.

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Stressbusting Leaflet

We know that a carers’ own health is twice as likely to suffer as a result of the stresses of caring, particularly if the caring role is long term. This is one of the reasons why Carers Bromley offers a stress-busting service.

Please click here to view our Stressbusting leaflet.


Mental health, who cares? You do

If you care and support someone with mental health difficulties, please click the icon

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Directory of Services for Carers

A list of organisations in the London Borough of Bromley that may be of interest to you. 

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Annual Review

The Annual Review is intended to give an overview of the past year's activities and initiatives. 

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Annual report and accounts

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Caring for Someone with a Life Limiting Condition

Caring for Someone with a Life Limiting Condition Carers Pack, produced by Bromley’s End of Life Care Strategy Group, is aimed at carers looking after someone with a life limiting condition/terminal illness. We think that you will find this a useful source of information as it shows the range of support available to you, your family and the person you care for. We very much hope it will help you through this difficult time.


Personalisation a Guide for Carers

The London JIP supported the boroughs in developing this guide on personalisation for carers. The aim of this guide is to enable people to make their own decisions about the support that they receive regardless whether support is being funded by local authorities or is self-funded.

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Bromley Care Services Directory

A comprehensive guide to choosing and paying for care, Care homes, Home care, Specialist care and useful contacts.  The Directory is available electronically on this link.